Mayor Jeff Meahl

City Council Members:

Tim Clark 
Carrie Sprouse
Joseph Grant
George Zeiger
Phyllis Jackson

City Attorney Brad Jantz

City Clerk  Deana Payne       
Assistant Clerk Chris Hawk

Police Department:
Law Enforcement provided
by contract with the Dickinson
County Sheriff.


Public Works:
Superintendent Paul Froelich
Asst Supt.
Operator     Damon Greep
Sanitation    Jesse Widler
Lineman     Devin Neal

Our City Code is available online now by clicking on this link: 
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City Government
Fire Chief: Cecil Thrush Jr..
Assistant Chief: Brian Elliott

Municipal Court Judge
John E. Barker

Phone Numbers:
City Hall785-263-8323
Police Dept. 785-263-4041
City Shop     785-263-8521
Pool      785-263-8414

Fax Numbers:
City Office   785-263-8132
City Shop     785-263-8460